Monday, 7 January 2013

A Promotional Post:


You guys might hate me for this - I'm doing a bit of advertising here, but bear with me ... 

You remember in the post 'Violin (Part 1)' I mentioned a friend with an angelic voice? Course you do, you guys clearly hang on my every word and take these posts as gospel. Weeeeell, her brother also happens to be extremely talented and is in a band himself. Anyway, what is this blog for if not a platform for shameless promotion, and I've had a listen to a few tracks and enjoyed them a great deal. If you enjoy a varied palette of rock made with a lot of heart behind the music then you should check them out for yourself. You never know, you might love 'em. You could become a groupie ;), or at least start a fan club. Work with me here.  


Facebook Page:


(Today I listened to Joyshop, which is a band that my friend's brother is- ... oh, sorry did I mention them already? Oh I did! Silly me, it's just I probably wouldn't have talked about them unless it was important. Okay then ... ahem ... there's some links just up there. Dunno if you noticed them ... )  

(I kinda want you to go away and listen to them right now)

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