Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Performance Time!

Since you guys seemed to respond to my last little video so well, (apart from my incessant chatter: sorry about that - I get nervous while being filmed and tend to babble a lot of the time :/ ) I thought I'd make another to let you guys spy on me practicing another piece for next week. It'll be like 'VIOLIN LIVE!' or reality T.V. or whatever. Hopefully your disgusting voyeurism will mean you'll overlook any mistakes I might make. (Perish the thought!)

As these videos go on there may be even more distractions. I might perform shirtless in a hailstorm while a vicious horde of demented chimps parade in the background with party poppers and confetti. Anything to please my dearest audience :)

As always your comments are noted and very much appreciated. Why don't you let me know what you thought of it? Do you think I've improved at all? :) 

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